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Work, Play, Skip is the sixth episode of Season 2 and the thirty-first episode of the series overall.

Shorts and Songs as follows:

  1. Work Your Way to the Top*
  2. Going to Work with Mommy
  3. Games We Like to Play (*)
  4. A Good Play
  5. I'm A Pad (Song)
  6. Skip to My Lou*
  7. Skipping Stones*
  8. Play Pinball*
  9. It's Not Working
  10. I've Been Working on the Railroad*
  11. You Skipped Me
  12. Little Cup, What's Up? (Song)
  13. Play the Piano

* followed by "A Little Reality" segment:

  1. Some construction crew workers work on fixing up a new sidewalk.
  2. The kids playing games segments were featured in the music video, along with scenes from other shorts (this doesn't count)
  3. Many kids skip around in a suburban neighborhood.
  4. Some kids go to the pond to skip flat stones.
  5. Bob the Ball explains about the many games people play with balls, featuring stock footage from segments about ball games.
  6. Some kids dressed in construction worker uniforms build a tower of colorful kegs by lifting them into place without dropping them, a steamroller comes and flattens the drums and the kids clean up the mess.


  • Games We Like to Play includes clips from: The Hit and The Miss, live action segments from Hit, Miss, Bump, the Bob Bounces Back song, a tic-tac-toe live action segment from Win, Lose, Tie (which oddly, didn't premiere yet), Giant Step, its following live action segment, Rough and Smooth Skating, the domino live action segment from First, Last, Step, Jump Like a Frog/You Over Me, Me Over You, its following live action segment from Over, Under, Balance, Move to the Next Chair, a live action segment from Push, Pull, Rock (which also didn't premiere yet), Spin the Tail on the Donkey, Cover Your Eyes, the spinning top live action segment from Fast, Slow, Spin, Shake Yourself About, Ring Around the Rosie/All Fall Down, a pillow fight live action segment from Loud, Soft, Shake, Get There First/You're Too Slow!, and its following live action segment.
  • On the Play the Piano title card, Bob says "And now, Plush will play the piano!". This is the only known time an additional line was said in a title card outside of the character compilation episodes.