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Little Cup's Song (titled "Whoops! Uh Oh! Little Cup!" by fans) is a song about Little Cup that plays during several season 1 episodes. The art style used is CGI.


Little Cup: (falls down from a cupboard) Whoops, uh oh..

Pad and Pencil: Little Cup! Little Cup, Little Cup, woooaaah! Little Cup!

Little Cup: (trips) Whoops! Uh oh!

Pad/Pencil: Little Cup!

Little Cup: Hello, Mr. String!

Mr. String: If he toddles any faster, there will surely be disaster! Oh boy, Little Cup..

Doris: If you fill him up with juice, someone tell me, what's the use? Ohh, Little Cup!

Little Cup: Hello everybody!

Bob: Call his name, and he starts to giggle.

Mary Jane: Tickle him..

Lacey: And watch him wiggle!

Little Cup (falls from sandbox): Whoops!

Mary Jane/Lacey: Uh oh! Little Cup!

Little Cup: Whoops! (splashes flower) Whoops, uh oh..

Mop: When he tries to keep from messing.. (Little Cup sneezes and splashes Mop's painting) He will always keep you guessing...

Doris/Bob/Mr. String/Mop: Whoops! Uh oh! Little Cup!

Little Cup: (runs and falls off scenery): Whoops!


  • The scene with Mop painting her picture was also used in the "starring" sequence in the intro.