Top, Bottom, Jump is the first episode of season 2 and the twenty-sixth episode of the main series.

Shorts and Songs as follows:

  1. Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top*
  2. Tight Twist Top
  3. Way Down at the Bottom
  4. Bottom of the Box
  5. Jump Rope*
  6. The Plush Dance (Song)
  7. High Jump (Version 2)*
  8. Top That!*
  9. I'm Jumpy (Song)
  10. Watch Her Jump
  11. Jump Like a Frog
  12. Bottom of the Pile*
  13. Jack Jumps Over the Candlestick

*followed by a real world segment.

  1. Kids are seen climbing to the top of a pile of rocks, going to the bottom and back on top.
  2. Kids are seen jumping on haystacks in a single file line.
  3. Horses are seen jumping over poles with kids on their backs.
  4. Some kids are tap dancing and wearing top hats.
  5. A girl digs through the bottom of an old steamer trunk to play dress-up.
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