Tight, Loose, Squeeze is the fourth episode of season 2 and the twenty-ninth episode of the main series.

Shorts and Songs as follows:

  1. Tight Twist Top*
  2. Tight Fit
  3. Loose Pants*
  4. Loose Laces
  5. She's My Sister (song)
  6. Squeeze from the Bottom*
  7. Tie the Bow Tight
  8. A Loose Screw*
  9. Hold on Tight
  10. The Plush Dance (Song)
  11. Squeeze a Little Music*
  12. Loosen Up*
  13. Sleep Tight*
  14. Squeeze Band

*followed by a real world segment

  1. Some kids are trying their hardest to loosen the tight lids of some jars to get whatever they want.
  2. Some kids try out some clothes that are too big and loose.
  3. Some girls are seen squeezing balloons until they pop, getting them wet all over.
  4. A montage plays of kids and other people squeezing and hugging each other tightly.
  5. Two men are playing the theme song on accordions by squeezing them.
  6. Some kids are "shaking loose and doing The Noodle".
  7. Some kids are sitting on a bench one by one until it gets too tight for one kid to sit back down.
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