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Swing, Cover, Shake is the seventh episode of season 1 (and the overall series) and the first episode to repeat shorts from previous episodes with their respective titles. Including those from Loud, Soft, Shake; Near, Far, Swing; and Above, Below, Cover.

Shorts and Songs as follows:

  1. Swing on a Swing*
  2. The Swing
  3. Under the Covers*
  4. The Shoe Family Song
  5. Shake it Off*
  6. Cover Your Eyes*
  7. Whoops! Uh Oh! Little Cup (Song)
  8. Swinging with Mr. String*
  9. Milk Shake
  10. Shake Down
  11. Undercover Cup
  12. Cover it Up
  13. Covered with Kisses

*followed by a real world segment

  1. Kids are seen swinging on horse swings at the playground.
  2. Different kinds of bed covers fall on top of some kids on a mattress.
  3. A montage plays of dogs shaking off seawater.
  4. Rain falls from above and the kids below are covered from it with umbrellas. (This originally came after Cover it Up in Above, Below, Cover.)
  5. A piñata swings near and far as kids try to bash it open to get the treats.