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Side, Stretch, Turn is the twenty-fifth episode of main series and the final episode of Season 1. It is also the last episode of Season 1 to have reused shorts from the episodes that came before. Including those from Front, Back, Side; Spring, Fall, Turn; and High, Low, Stretch.

Shorts and Songs as Follows:

  1. Side by Side*
  2. Both Sides Now
  3. Rubberband Stretch*
  4. Doin' the Thin Thing (Song)
  5. It's My Turn!
  6. Page Turner
  7. Seventh Inning Stretch*
  8. Turn Your Partner!
  9. In or Out (song)
  10. Turn! Turn! Turn!*
  11. Turning Sides
  12. Stretch Your Imagination*
  13. Sidekick

*followed by a real world segment.

  1. Two girls play with each other side by side.
  2. A montage plays of kids and other people looking through a stretchy funhouse mirror.
  3. Kids are seen stretching their bodies and even their faces.
  4. Some girls are leaping and turning while doing ballet.
  5. Kids are seen eating pizza and stretching the melted cheese.