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This is the guide for Shorts and songs. To add the list itself.

Amount of Shorts and Songs

This shows the amount shorts and songs are used a Season.

List of Shorts

Add the shorts here.

The runtime order is Minutes:Seconds:Milliseconds. The art style section should use the style (Ex Claymation, Live Action, Puppet, CGI, Cel Animation). For those who don't know, Cel Animation is 2D, nothing else. You can also have more than one art style put on the shorts, like the short Too Loud uses Claymation, with parts of Live Action through Doris the Door.

# Title Runtime Art Style
1 Too Loud 00:00'000 Clay-mation,

Live Action

2 Untitled (After Too Loud) 00:00'000 Live Action

List of Songs

Add the songs here. Look at above section to see how to use the table.

# Title Runtime Art Style
1 Nervous Wreck 00:00'000 CGI
2 Jumpy 00:00'000 CGI