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Rough, Smooth, Picture is the eighth episode of season 1 and the overall series.

Shorts and Songs as Follows:

  1. Rough and Smooth Skating*
  2. Rough Sailing*
  3. A Picture of Doris*
  4. Smooth Out the Edges*
  5. Moving Pictures
  6. Nervous Wreck (Song)
  7. Picture Perfect
  8. Rough Day
  9. Rough Sketch*
  10. He's a Plush (Song)
  11. Rough, Rough

*followed by "A Little Reality" segment

  1. A girl on a tricycle rides on a smooth sidewalk, a rough and rocky path and then on the smooth grass.
  2. Toy sailboats sail roughly and smoothly on a pond.
  3. A boy makes a picture with finger paints.
  4. Irene Sanchez smooths icing of many colors on a cake with a picture of Bob the Ball on it.
  5. A class gets their picture taken for picture day.
  6. A picture of a girl on the beach at sunset is being taken.