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Ring, Twist, Step is the thirteenth episode of Season 1 and the main series. It is also the third episode in Season 1 to have the shorts recycled from previous episodes. Including those from Open, Close, Ring; Thick, Thin, Twist; and First, Last, Step.

Shorts and Songs as follows (in no particular order):

  1. A Ring's Not a Ring*
  2. Ring-a-Ding*
  3. Ring Around the Rosie
  4. Ring, Ring, Go Away
  5. Ring Toss
  6. Three Ring Circus
  7. Tight, Twist, Top
  8. Twist and Shout*
  9. Giant Step
  10. One Small Step
  11. Same Steps*
  12. Step by Step Cooking
  13. Stepping Out
  14. Ending Twist
  15. (character song; tba)
  16. Doin' the Thin Thing (Song)

*followed by "A Little Reality" segment.

  1. Some girls try on different rings on their fingers.
  2. A big bell rings inside a clock tower.
  3. A cuckoo clock opens and closes its door to reveal the bird inside.
  4. Some kids who are doing the twist.
  5. Some aforementioned kids are playing Mother May I.
  6. Kids are seen moving up and down some steps in pretty silly ways.
  7. Some aforementioned kids are dressing up fancy clothes stepping at every song.