Push, Pull, Rock is the 11th episode of season 2 and the 36th episode of the series overall. Prior to A Little Curious About Life, this is also the last episode to have original segments before they get recycled later on.

Scenes and Songs as follows:

  1. Push Me
  2. Pushing the Envelope
  3. Pulling Together
  4. Rocking Horse Cowboy
  5. Pull the Rabbit out of a Hat
  6. Don't Rock the Boat
  7. Pushing Together
  8. Follow the Bouncing Bob (real-world stylized version of the song)
  9. Push and Pull Music*
  10. Pull me Closer
  11. Rock Collection*
  12. The Pulley (not to be confused with How to Lift a Rock)
  13. Rock Around the Clock

*followed by a real world segment

  1. The kids are pushing a Green Exercise Ball and a 120cm PhysioBall Maxafe Ball all the way up to the top the hill.
  2. Dogs are seen pulling a sled through the snow.
  3. Aforementioned kids are seen rocking in rocking chairs on a front porch.
  4. The kids are pulling the Tug O' War Rope as hard as they could until the red team won and the yellow team lost.
  5. Some kids collect different kinds of rocks on the beach.
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