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Plush is a multi-colored patchwork stuffed beagle. He may not be smart and can't talk, but is still loved by all of his friends. Sometimes, he could be seen goofing off or doing something creative to pay homage to Snoopy from Peanuts. It's unknown who owns Plush but some characters like Bob the Ball, Mop, and The Shoe Family have been seen taking care of him.


Plush has many skills, one of them is carpentry, and fixing things. He was seen working on a railroad in the short "I've been working on the railroad". Some of his hobbies include Golfing, Dancing, Weight Lifting, and things normal dogs do.


Like Bob the Ball, Plush would get his own episode as the twenty-first of Season 1 and the overall series. Bob narrates all of his adventures as Doris the Door did for Bob in his episode.


Plush has been seen featured in the following shorts and songs.

  • Shake it Down/Apple Above (from Loud, Soft, Shake; Above, Below, Cover; and Swing, Cover, Shake)
  • Tight Twist Top (from Thick, Thin, Twist and Step, Twist, Ring)
  • Fast Eater (from Fast, Slow, Spin)
  • Open and Closed Case (from Open, Close, Ring)
  • Fast Car (from Fast, Slow, Spin)
  • Slippery Sliding Plush (from Slippery, Sticky, Mirror)
  • Long Jump (from Long, Short, Roll)
  • Different Beat of a Drum (from Same, Different, Beat)
  • Stepping Out (from First, Last, Step and Step, Twist, Ring)
  • Rough Rough (from Rough, Smooth, Picture)
  • Shake it Off (from Loud, Soft, Shake and Swing, Cover, Shake)


  • He's a Plush (Season 1)
  • The Plush Dance (Season 2)
  • I Am What I Am (A Little Curious About Life)




Fast car

A rarely seen puppet form of Plush from a lost episode/short.