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Pad and Pencil are a loving couple with a French heritage. Most of the time, they think about their romance, mostly through song. At other times, they could be seen teaching the characters how to cook, make arts and crafts, and even telling them stories. Pencil is always eager to help Pad no matter how ridiculous the situation might be and is an expert at illustrating. Pad is mostly the one in charge and uses her pages for the pictures of a story and memories.


Skills to be added.


To add shorts.


  • The Pad and Pencil Song (Season 1, Push, Over, Top)
  • I'm a Pad (Pad's Song; Season 2; Drop, Lift, Flat, Work, Play, Skip & Jump, Flat, Squeeze)
  • Scribbling On (Pencil's Song; Season 2; Hit, Miss, Bump & Balance, Skip, Rock)