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Open, Close, Ring is the ninth episode of season 1 and the overall series.

Shorts and Songs as follows:

  1. Open Up, Nut*
  2. Open and Closed Case*
  3. Three Ring Circus
  4. The Shoe Family Song
  5. My Life is an Open Book
  6. Ring-a-Ding*
  7. Ring, Ring, Go Away*
  8. Ring Around the Rosie
  9. Closed for Monkey Business
  10. Good Golly, I'm Mop! (Song)
  11. Ring Toss
  12. A Ring's Not a Ring*
  13. Letter Opener
  14. Opening Remarks

*followed by "A Little Reality" segment

  1. A boy opens boxes one by one and finds a ring in the last box and closes them up again.
  2. A girl packs up what she needs for a sleepover and closes her suitcase.
  3. A big bell rings inside a clock tower.
  4. A cuckoo clock opens and closes its door to reveal the bird inside.
  5. Some girls try on different rings on their fingers.