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"Ohh Boyy!" is a song about Mr. String that plays during several season 1 episodes.

Nervous Wreck.JPG


Chorus: Listen to this song, we sing;

A yarn about our, Mr. String.

Pleasantly twisted, but hit the deck!

Keep inside, he's a nervous wreck!

Mr. String: Caution! Caution! This soup is hot!

Danger, danger! Here's a trouble spot!

Hey, don't touch! That's a terrible mess.

I'm sending out an S.O.S.!

Chorus: Ohh, boyy! He worries a lot.

Mr. String: Not me.

Chorus: Ohh, boyy! He's a tangled knot.

Mr. String: He could fall!

Chorus: Ohh, boyy! And his nerves are shot! Ohh, boyy...

Mr. String: Definitely, definitely, dangerous!

Chorus: He'll toss and turn all through the night,

Worried what'll be in the new daylight.

The sun comes up, and it's time to leap...

Man (singing): His eyes are shut and he's sound asleep.

Mr. String: [snoring]

Chorus: Ohh, boyy! He worries all day!

Mr. String: Terrible!

Chorus: Ohh, boyy! In a worry wart way!

Mr. String: Who me?

Chorus: Ohh, boyy! listen to him say...

Mr. String: Well, it's not really worry. It's more like concern, or else the world will go out-of-whack, and the entire universe might shrivel up, like peas in a pea pod. Then there'd be no split pea soup, and all the soup people will definitely, definitely be hungry. That will be terrible, terrible, terrible!

Chorus: Ohh, boyy!

Mr. String: Well, it could happen.