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New, Old, Dance is the eighth episode of Season 2 and the thirty-third episode of the series overall.

Songs and Shorts are Follows:

  1. New Name*
  2. Old Dog, New Tricks
  3. The Good Old Days
  4. Scribbling On (Song)
  5. The Noodle Dance
  6. New Laces
  7. Square Dance
  8. How Old Are You?
  9. Old Friends
  10. Old Toys
  11. Swinging Safari with Mop (Song)
  12. Hot Summer Dance in the Sand
  13. Dancing Steps

*followed by "A Little Reality" segments

  1. The sun is rising for a new day, and a little boy is waking up to start his new day.
  2. A montage of kids dancing is shown, featuring previous live-action segments.
  3. Kids in front of a pueblo church dance an old Mexican folk dance called the mariachi.
  4. An old steam locomotive is shown moving down the tracks.