Near, Far, Swing is the third episode of the season 1 and the overall series. It is actually the second episode in production order which is proceed by Slippery, Sticky, Mirror; Above, Below, Cover and Light, Dark, Bubble.

Shorts and Songs as Follows:

  1. Don't Come too Near
  2. A Game too Far (Part 1)
  3. Swing on a Swing*
  4. Whoops! Uh Oh! Little Cup! (song)
  5. The Swing
  6. Far, Far Away
  7. Near the Edge
  8. A Game too Far (Part 2)
  9. Don't Make Me Swingin' (song)
  10. Swingin' with Mr. String*
  11. How Far Away Can You Get?
  12. How Near Can You Get?
  13. A Game too Far (Part 3)

*followed by a real world segment

  1. Kids are seen swinging on horse swings at the playground.
  2. A piñata swings near and far as kids try to bash it open to get the treats
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