Mop is a carefree, helpful, and energetic mop. She likes looking after Bob the Ball, Little Cup, and Plush and thinks about what they need the most. She also likes to sing, tell stories, and admire her own looks. Sometimes, she has a crush on Mr. String.

Episode Edit

Much like Bob the Ball and Plush getting their own episodes in Season 1, Mop got her own as the fourteenth episode of Season 2 and the thirty-ninth episode of the series overall. As always, Bob the Ball would narrate all the adventures and moments he and his friends had with Mop.

Shorts Edit

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  • Under the Covers (from Above, Below, Cover; Swing, Cover, Shake; and Over, Under, Balance)
  • How Low Can You Go? (from High, Low, Stretch)
  • Balanced Diet (from Over, Under, Balance)
  • Loosen Up (from Tight, Loose, Squeeze)
  • Potty Training (from Still, Move, Train)
  • Spin the Tail on the Donkey (from Fast, Slow, Spin and Roll, Spin, Pop)
  • We Got the Beat! (from Same, Different, Beat)
  • Covered with Kisses (from Above, Below, Cover; Swing, Cover, Shake; and First, Last, Step)
  • Missing You (from Hit, Miss, Bump)
  • Shake it Off (from Loud, Soft, Shake and Swing, Cover, Shake)
  • Fast Eater (from Fast, Slow, Spin)
  • Sleep Tight (from Tight, Loose, Squeeze)
  • Rock Around the Clock (from Push, Pull, Rock)
  • Soft in Slumberland (from Loud, Soft, Shake)

Songs Edit

  • Good Golly, I'm Mop (Season 1?)
  • Mop's Swinging Safari (Season 2)

Trivia Edit

  • This character is sometimes mistaken as "Broom" instead of her actual name.

References Edit

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