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Loud, Soft, Shake is the first episode of season 1 and the first episode of the series overall.

Shorts and Songs

Below is the list of all of the known shorts and songs that appear in this episode in no particular order.

"*" indicates a lost segment.

"**" indicates a partially lost segment.

"***" indicates a segment missing its title card.

  1. For Laughing Out Loud *
  2. Loud and Proud *
  3. Ring It Loud ***
  4. Too Loud ***
  5. Old Softie *
  6. Sleep Softly (Slumberland) **
  7. Soft Touch
  8. Talk Softly *
  9. Milk Shake
  10. Shake Down
  11. Shake It Off
  12. Shake Yourself About **
  13. Shoe Business **
  14. A Little Romance (character song)
  15. Bob Bounces Back (character song)
  16. He's a Plush (character song)

"A Little Reality" Segments

A girl sits softly on a beach towel. [Short, real world]

A montage plays of kids laughing loud. [Short, real world]

Some kids wearing pajamas have a soft pillow fight.

A montage plays of dogs shaking off seawater.

Characters (debut)


  • This the first episode of several things:
    • The first episode of Season 1 and the series overall.
    • The first episode to be produced in 1998 and the first to be produced overall.
    • The first episode to include multiple series staples, like Character Songs, A Little Reality segments and Licensed Song covers.
    • The first episode where multiple characters appear.
    • The first episode to have unused alternate titles for their shorts; Loud and Proud (Twist and Shout) and Sleep Softly (Soft Slumber/Soft in Slumberland).
    • The first appearances of the main characters, and the first episode where all of the main cast appear.


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