Loud, Soft, Shake is the first episode of the series.

Shorts and Songs Edit

Below is the list of shorts and songs that appear in this episode in order of appearance.

To do: Add the art style the short or song is presented in (Ex, CGI, 2D, Claymation, Real World).

  1. Too Loud [Short]
  2. Loud noises come from an airplane soaring and a jackhammer, albeit revealed by Doris the Door in the short, Too Loud. [Short, real world]
  3. Too Soft [Short]
  4. Shake it Off [Short]
  5. A montage plays of dogs shaking off seawater. [Short, real world]
  6. Nervous Wreck [song]
  7. Soft Serve [Short]
  8. A girl sits softly on a beach towel. [Short, real world]
  9. Milk Shake [Short]
  10. Talk Softly [Short]
  11. Shake it Down [Short]
  12. The Pad and Pencil Song [Song]
  13. Old Softie [Short]
  14. Loud and Proud [Short]
  15. For Laughing Out Loud [Short]
  16. A montage plays of kids laughing loud. [Short, real world]
  17. Bounce Back [Song]
  18. Shake Yourself About [Short]
  19. Soft in Slumberland [Short]

Characters Edit

The following are characters that are in this episode.

(Please update with any more characters once I watch the full episode)

References Edit

  1. Info on the episode when it first premiered.
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