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Long, Short, Roll is the seventeenth episode of season 1 and the overall series.

Shorts and Songs as follows:

  1. Long Jump*
  2. Long Story
  3. Short Story
  4. Short Cut*
  5. Bob on a Roll
  6. Roly Poly*
  7. Good Golly, I'm Mop! (Song)
  8. Long Ago
  9. Long, Long, Short Short Short*
  10. The Shoe Family Song
  11. Rolling in Dough*
  12. Roll Call
  13. The Long Yawn

*followed by "A Little Reality" segment

  1. A man, a woman and a little boy do the long jump with the boy doing a short one.
  2. Some kids are getting haircuts with the hairdressers doing their hair shortly.
  3. Kids are seen playing "Roly Poly" as they roll down the hill until they are now dizzy.
  4. A string quartet plays long and short notes.
  5. Some kids roll clay in short rolls then combine them in a very long one.