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Lead, Follow, Act is the ninth episode of Season 2 and the thirty-fourth episode of the series overall.

Songs and Shorts as Follows:

  1. Lead the Way
  2. Follow the Leader*
  3. The Case of the Bad Actor*
  4. Scribblin' On (Song)
  5. I Must Follow You*
  6. Take Us to Your Leader
  7. Follow the Bouncing Bob (Song)
  8. Follow What I Do*
  9. Hard Act to Follow
  10. Act Surprised
  11. Leader of the Pack*

*followed by "A Little Reality" segments

  1. Some kids are playing Follow the Leader with a boy acting as the leader.
  2. A group of young actors put on a variety show displaying different kinds of acts.
  3. Out on a pond, baby turtles and geese are following their mothers.
  4. A bunch of kids are racing to the finish line to see who's first.
  5. Follow the marching band and follow the kids' band.


  • This is the only known episode that ends with an A Little Reality segment.
  • The A Little Reality segment about kids running a race was previously seen in First, Last, Step but was re-dubbed to feature Bob's narration and features new music.