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"In or Out" (titled Don't Make Me Swingin') is a song about Doris the Door that plays during several season 1 episodes.

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Doris the Door: [sighs] But you just came in. All right.

You want to come in

And then, you want to go out again

You think I've got nothing better to do

Then to open and close all day for you?

If yer in, yer in, if yer out, yer out

Do you hear what I am talking about?

Don't keep me swingin', or my doorbell ringin'

Oy, my achin' hinges!

I don't mind a joke or two

Knock, knock, who's there, guess who?

But when the joke is over, it's time to rest

I need my beauty sleep to look my best

If yer out, yer out, if yer in, yer in

And I think I need some aspirin

Don't make me swingin', or my doorbell ringin'

Okay, but this is the last time...

Oy, my achin' hinges!



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A Little Curious Song: Don't Make Me Swingin'