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Hit, Miss, Bump is the fifth episode of season 2 and thirtieth episode of the main series.

Shorts and Songs as follows:

  1. The Hit
  2. Hit the Bell, Win a Prize
  3. The Miss*
  4. You Missed Me*
  5. Don't Bump into That*
  6. The Bump
  7. Missing You
  8. Swinging Safari with Mop (Song)
  9. Goose Bumps
  10. Do the Bump*
  11. Missing the Point
  12. Scribbling On (Song)
  13. You Missed*
  14. Hit the Hay

*followed by "A Little Reality" segment

  1. Some kids go to a golf course to hit some balls, even miss some.
  2. The Nanuet Little League plays a game of baseball with lots of hits and misses.
  3. Kids are riding bumper cars and bumping into each other.
  4. Some kids bump each other on the dance floor are doing The Bump.
  5. Some kids are trying to hit bowling pins with a bowling ball and sometimes they miss them.