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He's a Plush (also titled "Plush" in credits) is a song about Plush that plays during several season 1 episodes. It was produced by Curious Pictures’ in-house team and was animated by Karen Villarreal.


Bob the Ball: He's a Plush, He's a Plush, He was created in a rush,

Just a discombobbled mush, not quite completed

Mop: He's a Quilt, He's a Quilt, He's Classically built,

Like a patch work or a kilt and look, He's pleated

Pencil: He's got eyes like an eagle and a nose like a hog

Pad: He's shaped like a beagle but he roars like a frog!

Doris the Door: His sense of humor's like a buffalo

Little Cup: His laughs like a mule

Mr. String: But be careful what you say to him he'll cover you in drool

All: He's a Plush, He's a Plush,

Lacey: And his feelings can get crushed,

All: So please keep it hush-hush, he's temperamental!

Pad: Like a Bee in a blossom he is only playing possum

Mop: Isn't he just awesome, but so gentle

All: He's a Plush, He's a Plush, He was created in a rush,

Just a luscious, gushing such and such, with oh, so much to brush

He's a Plush, he's a Plush, he's a Plush!



A Little Curious Song He's a Plush 1998-1

A Little Curious Song: He's a Plush (1998)