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Mr. String as he appears in the song.

A reference from the song in "Cover Your Eyes."

Another reference from the song in the opening for "A Little Curious About Life." This reference is his design from the song.

He's Jumpy, is a Song from A Little Curious.

Episodes featured in

Jump Flat Squeeze, Hard Easy Change, Top Bottom Jump, Over Under Balance, Balance Skip Rock, A Little Curious About Music (Custom Episode)


He's a Little Grumpy.

Frazzled, Fried, and Frumpy

Mr.String: (Purring)

He is Loopy, and He's Lumpy.

Skippy, Slippy, Slim, and Shothney.

Mr.String: That's Because I'm Jumpy!

He's on Edge, and He's Fired, His Nerves are Twisted, and Cross Fine.

Mr.String: Woah!