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Hard, Work, Bump is the thirteenth episode of season 2 and the thirty-ninth episode of the main series. This episode is also the second out of the five to have repeated shorts from previous episodes. These segments are from Hard, Easy, Change, Work, Play, Skip, and Hit, Miss, Bump.

Shorts and Songs as Follows:

  1. Try Harder
  2. Hard to Lift
  3. Work Your Way to the Top*
  4. The Plush Dance (Song)
  5. The Bump
  6. Don't Bump into That*
  7. Going to Work with Mommy
  8. It's Not Working
  9. Love That Shoe (Song)
  10. Do the Bump*
  11. Goose Bumps
  12. Hard Bagel
  13. School of Hard Knocks*
  14. I've Been Working on the Railroad

*followed by "A Little Reality" segment.

  1. Some construction crew workers work on fixing up a new sidewalk.
  2. Kids are riding bumper cars and bumping into each other.
  3. Some kids bump each other on the dance floor are doing The Bump.
  4. A montage plays of kids knocking hard on doors.