Hard, Work, Bump is the thirteenth episode of season 2 and the thirty-eighth episode of the main series. This episode is also the second out of the five to have repeated shorts from previous episodes.

Shorts and Songs as Follows:

  1. Try Harder
  2. Hard to Lift (also known as The Big Drop)
  3. Work Your Way to the Top*
  4. The Plush Dance (song)
  5. The Bump
  6. Don't Bump Into That!*
  7. Going to Work with Mommy
  8. It's Not Working
  9. She's My Sister (song)
  10. Do the Bump*
  11. Goose Bumps
  12. Hard Bagel
  13. School of Hard Knocks*
  14. I've Been Working on the Railroad

*followed by a real world segment.

  1. Some workers work on fixing up a sidewalk.
  2. Kids are riding bumper cars and bumping into each other.
  3. Some kids are doing The Bump.
  4. A montage plays of kids knocking hard on doors.
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