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Hard, Easy, Change is the seventh episode of season 2 and the thirty-second episode of the main series.

Shorts and Songs as follows:

  1. Try Harder
  2. Hard to Lift*
  3. Easy for You
  4. Easy for Me*
  5. Change Your Mind
  6. He's Jumpy! (Song)
  7. Presto Change-O*
  8. Easy Does It*
  9. Swing Doris Swing (Song)
  10. Hard Bagel
  11. School of Hard Knocks*
  12. How Times Change

*followed by "A Little Reality" segment.

  1. Some kids are trying to reach for the monkey bars the hard way but make it easy for a little boy.
  2. Ice Sculptor, Dennis Gogg, changes a hard block of ice into a character sculpture of Plush.
  3. Some girls go into the changing room to change to go swimming at the beach.
  4. A boy takes it easy to build a triangular house of cards.
  5. A montage plays of kids knocking hard on doors.