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Mop's Song (titled as "Good Golly, I'm Mop!" by fans) is a song about Mop that plays during several Season 1 episodes as well as "The Mop Show."


Bob the Ball: Who's that looking fine and fancy free

Mr. String: She will never be topped

Little Cup: Mop!

Doris the Door: Who's that sweeter than a honey bee

All: Good Golly, It's Mop!

Mop: I can sing my songs in any key

While I'm doing the hop

Plush: Whee!

Mop: I can paint and recite poetry

Good Golly, I'm Mop!

Mr. String: Look at her eyes, wise, and so believing

Doris the Door: She's fair

Mr. String: Rare!

Bob the Ball: And very cool

Mr. String: She's Quick

Doris the Door: Slick

All: And achieving

Mop: I'm nobody's fool, Bop-bop-bop, Mop-mop-shoo wadda wadda

Little Cup & Bob the Ball: Bop-bop-bop, Mop-mop-shoo wadda wadda

All: Bop-bop-bop, Mop-mop-shoo wadda wadda wa

Who can be just what she wants to be

Always comes out on top

Little Cup: Mop!

All: Who can make a day that's gloomy just stop

Mr. String: It's plain to see

Bob the Ball: It's gotta be

Mop: Bop-bop-bop, Mop-mop-shoo wadda wadda bop Good Golly I'm

All: She's Mop!