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Bob the Ball Plush Mr.String and Little Cup Went to Go last to the Sandbox is Toothpaste Nice Versa Mr.String said Kaaat! Suks! Uh Oh! that Means!!! Bob the Ball Plush and Little Cup are Singing We got here First Mr.String's Just Toothpaste then He was Toothpaste and it Smells Good like Mint and they Went Mmmmmm! Then Mr.String smells Minty and Fresh.

Trivia Edit

After the Coronavirus, They go last to the Sandbox was Toothpaste instead of Rotten Egg. I Know that Rotten Eggs are Disgusting as Pimples.But if Mr.String's the Rotten Egg you will have a Disgusting Vomit until you Die then They they will say Eeeeew! with one Crack until you Puke.

MF-17 Quiz Edit

A.Black Pepper



D.Rotten Egg

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