Drop, Loose, Change is the 17th episode of season 2 and the 42nd episode of the series overall, airing on January 18, 2000. This is the last of the five episodes to feature recycled shorts from earlier episodes and the last to have repeated songs.

Shorts/Songs Edit

  1. So Quiet You Can Hear a Pin Drop
  2. Don't Drop It*
  3. Loose Pants*
  4. The Plush Dance (song)
  5. The Big Drop (also known as Hard to Lift)
  6. Presto Change-o!*
  7. Little Cup, What's Up? (song)
  8. Drip Drop*
  9. A Loose Screw
  10. The Doris Swing (song)
  11. Loosen Up*
  12. Loose Laces
  13. Change Your Mind
  14. How Times Change

*followed by a real world segment.

  1. Some kids have an egg and spoon race with some dropping and messy results.
  2. Some kids try out clothes that are too big and loose.
  3. Some girls go into the changing room to change to go swimming.
  4. A sprinkler system drops water onto some flowers to help them grow.
  5. Some kids are "shaking loose and doing The Noodle".
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