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Don't Drop It is a short featured on Drop, Lift, Flat and Drop, Loose, Change. It's also followed by a real world segment featuring kids having an egg and spoon race.


Doris the Door gives Plush an egg to give to Mop, who is making egg drop soup. She tells him not to drop it, or else it will break. Plush understands, and he starts to walk with the egg when he accidentally steps on a roller skate which causes him to roll uncontrollably, and he even flies in the air. Luckily, he catches the egg in time with his ears.

The next scene involves him walking to a playground, when he looks at the camera instead of what's in front of him, which is a slide he climbs and slides down, causing the egg to go flying. Plush quickly grabs it, and lands in the sandbox.

Finally, at Mop's house, Little Cup trips and makes a puddle on the floor, and of course Plush's clumsy self slips in it. Mop walks over and takes the egg from him, but just as Plush is about to leave, Mop makes the egg slip from the table and crack on the ground. She asks him to go get another egg from Doris and not to drop it, and Plush just smiles at the camera.


These are the lyrics to the song in the short:

Be careful, Plush, don't drop it

You need to rush, don't drop it

Cause if it breaks, you'll have a mess of icky sticky gooey-ness!


So take some care, don't drop it

You're almost there, don't drop it!

Don't droo-oooo-oooo-oop it!