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Doin' the Thin Thing is a song about Mr. String that plays during several season 1 episodes.


Mr. String: I'm Mr. String, Yes, that's me

and I'm as narrow as can be

I'm Thin, Thin, Thin, Thin, Thin

I'm not too wide, but that's alright

I have the strength to fly a kite

I'm glad, glad, I'm I'm thin

There's so many endless possibilities

Slippin' under a door!

All the places I can come and go with ease

I never been before

And if there's somewhere I should be

I let the wind just carry me

I Grin, grin cause I'm thin

Because I'm so slender

I'm such a good mender

Like I said I'm thin as thread

When it's Hide and seek time

No one knows where I climb

Who can find such a thin line

Other things are thin and they're around you

Like a stem on a rose

Take a look and they might just astound you

Like a garden hose

I can pull a boat, make a musical note

Hide behind a pin, Because I'm thin

Yes, yes, I'm, I'm thin

I Stretch myself to make a point

I'm the thinnest thing around the joint

I'm thin... thin, quite thin!