Bubble, Picture, Mirror is the tenth episode of season 1 (and the overall series) and the second to repeat shorts from their respective episodes, the first being Swing, Cover, Shake. Including those from Light, Dark, Bubble; Slippery, Sticky, Mirror; and Rough, Smooth, Picture.

Shorts and Songs as follows:

  1. Bubble Love
  2. Soda Bubbles*
  3. Picture Perfect (previously known as Mr. String Looks in a Mirror)*
  4. Mop's Mirror
  5. Just Like Looking in a Mirror (Fish)
  6. Don't Make Me Swingin' (Song)
  7. Moving Pictures
  8. Back at Mop's Mirror
  9. More Bubbles (Previously known as Light Chocolate)*
  10. A Picture of Doris*
  11. Just Like Looking in a Mirror (Inchworm)
  12. Whoops! Uh Oh! Little Cup (Song)
  13. Get the Picture (previously known as Rough Sketch)*
  14. Back at Mop's Mirror Again
  15. Bubble Bath

*followed by real world segments

  1. Kids blow gum bubbles.
  2. A class gets their picture taken for picture day.
  3. Bubbles float through the air until they pop by touching the ground and the trees (this originally came after Bubble Bath in Light, Dark, Bubble).
  4. A boy makes a picture with finger paints.
  5. A picture of a girl on the beach at sunset is being taken.
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