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Bubble, Picture, Mirror is the tenth episode of season 1 (and the overall series) and the second to repeat shorts from their respective episodes, the first being Swing, Cover, Shake. Including those from Light, Dark, Bubble; Slippery, Sticky, Mirror; and Rough, Smooth, Picture.

Shorts and Songs as follows:

  1. Bubble Love
  2. Soda Bubbles*
  3. Mr. String Looks in a Mirror*
  4. Mop's Mirror
  5. Just Like Looking in a Mirror
  6. In or Out (Song)
  7. Moving Pictures
  8. Back at Mop's Mirror
  9. More Bubbles*
  10. A Picture of Doris*
  11. Whoops! Uh Oh! Little Cup (Song)
  12. Get the Picture*
  13. Back at Mop's Mirror Again
  14. Bubble Bath

*followed by "A Little Reality" segments

  1. Kids blow gum bubbles.
  2. A class gets their picture taken for picture day.
  3. Bubbles float through the air until they pop by touching the ground and the trees.
  4. A boy makes a picture with finger paints.
  5. A picture of a girl on the beach at sunset is being taken.