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Bob the Ball is a character from A Little Curious.


Bob is a playful, cheerful, bouncy ball. He always helps his best friend, Little Cup. Bob is also friends with Plush, Mary Jane and Lacey as well.


Bob would get his very own episode in season 1 as the eighteenth of the series in general. This episode is basically a collection of shorts from previous episodes with exception of one original short, narrated by Doris the Door.


  • Sticky Stuck (from Slippery, Sticky, Mirror)
  • Echo Below (from Above, Below, Cover)
  • Rough Sailing (from Rough, Smooth, Picture)
  • Thick Fog (from Thick, Thin, Twist)
  • Bubble Bath (from Light, Dark, Bubble Bubble, Picture, Mirror)
  • Bubble Love (from Light, Dark, Bubble and Bubble, Picture, Mirror)
  • Rough Day (from Rough, Smooth, Picture)
  • Into Thin Air (from Thick, Thin, Twist)
  • Undercover Cup (from Above, Below, Cover and Swing, Cover, Shake)
  • Ring, Ring, Go Away (named as Open and Shut Case; from Open, Close, Ring and Step, Twist, Ring)
  • Sidekick (from Front, Back, Side)
  • Bob on a Roll (from Long, Short, Roll)
  • The Back of the Book (from Front, Back, Side)
  • Covered with Kisses (from Above, Below, Cover; Swing, Cover, Shake; and First, Last, Step)
  • Moonbeams Near to Me (named as Good Night, Bob; from Near, Far, Swing)


  • Bounce Back (Season 1)
  • Follow the Bouncing Bob (Season 2)
  • Winning Smile (Win, Lose, Tie)