Balance, Skip, Rock is the 15th episode of season 2 and the 40th episode of the series overall. Prior to A Little Curious About Life, it is also the 3rd to last episode to have repeated shorts, all of which are from Over, Under, Balance, Work, Play, Skip, and Push, Pull, Rock

Shorts and Songs as follows:

  1. The Balancing Act*
  2. Balanced Diet
  3. You Skipped Me
  4. I'm Jumpy! (song)
  5. Don't Rock the Boat
  6. Rocking Horse*
  7. Skip to My Lou*
  8. Don't Lose Your Balance (also known as either Watch Her Jump or Under the Big Top)
  9. The Doodles of Delight (song)
  10. Rock Collection*
  11. How to Lift a Rock (also known as The Pulley)
  12. Skipping Stones (also known as Flat Stones)*
  13. Rock Around the Clock

*followed by a real world segment:

  1. A clown does a trick on the seesaw by balancing it.
  2. Kids are seen rocking in rocking chairs on a front porch.
  3. Some kids play "Hopscotch" skipping from one square to the next.
  4. Some kids collect different kinds of rocks by using a bucket of rocks on the beach (same footage as Push Pull Rock).
  5. Some kids go to the pond to skip flat stones.
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