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Above, Below, Cover is the fifth episode of season 1 and the overall series.

Shorts and Songs as follows:

  1. Apple Above
  2. The View from Above*
  3. Above and Beyond*
  4. Echo Below*
  5. Whoops! Uh Oh! Little Cup! (Song)
  6. Under the Covers*
  7. Cover Your Eyes*
  8. Undercover Cup
  9. Bob Bounces Back (Song)
  10. Cover it Up*
  11. Covered with Kisses

*followed by "A Little Reality" segment

  1. Two kids in the back seat stare at the tree tops above their heads while riding in a car.
  2. Two girls go rock-climbing to go to the peak far above them.
  3. An airplane flies above the ground below.
  4. Different kinds of bed covers fall on top of some kids on a mattress.
  5. Autumn leaves from above fall onto a girl taking a nap below, covering her up.
  6. Rain falls from above and the kids below are covered from it with umbrellas.