A Little Curious About Life is the 40th episode of season 2 and the final episode of the series overall.

Shorts Edit

  1. Beautiful Day*
  2. Beginning of Life*
  3. Full of Life
  4. A Seed Needs Water
  5. I Got Life(*)
  6. A Seed Needs Sunshine
  7. I Will Love You for the Rest of My Life
  8. A Seed Needs Time to Grow*
  9. I Am What I Am
  10. Love of My Life (Old Softie)
  11. Life is But a Dream

*followed by a real world segment

  1. Some girls look at flowers and plants (which are a part of life) through kaleidoscopes.
  2. Two girls are visiting their baby brother in the hospital.
  3. Kids show their different parts of the body according to Mop's lyrics in her song, even featuring stock footage from different segments. (this doesn't count as a stand alone segment because it's part of the song).
  4. Kids harvest raspberries, apples, corn and pumpkins and eat the crops because "life gives us food to eat".

Trivia Edit

  • This show is considered a special.
  • Differences between normal episodes and this episode:
    • The episode begins with Mr. String and Bob on hill above a night sky, talking about life and planets, instead of the intro song.
    • Plush still hops on the "A Little Curious" logo letters like he does in the regular opening, but the background is in space. The title card itself has "About Life" below the actual logo. During the starring segment, different clips from the episode are used instead of the regular clips.
    • Oddly, when the first short starts, the title card with the short's name doesn't appear.
    • Altogether, the animation seems to be more improved compared to older A Little Curious episodes, namely the 3D CGI segments.
    • At the end of the episode after the last short, there is no recap of the episode's subjects, and it cuts straight to the credits. This is mostly because the entire episode focuses on one subject.
    • The copyright screen at the end of the credits is noticeably laid out differently: it's more centered and the "Dolby Surround" logo appears over it. The copyright itself says this is the only episode produced in 2000, as the other episodes' copyrights date 1999, even the ones that aired in 2000.

References Edit

  1. This site mentions the episodes, and shows this one as a special.
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